Advanced Healthcare Associates and Inpatient Medical Services Announce Merger


Advanced Healthcare Associates and Inpatient Medical Services Announce Merger

Midwest medical practices consolidate to deliver a seamless continuum of physician services from Acute Care Hospital Medicine to Post Acute Care nursing facilities

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (February 20, 2015) — Two Midwest leaders in medical practice management, Advanced Healthcare Associates (AHA) and Inpatient Medical Services (IMS), have announced a merger. The integration of AHA and IMS will provide a seamless continuum of care for patients in Acute Care Hospitals to Post Acute Care rehabilitation and senior living. This merger allows the two companies to boost their capabilities of providing exceptional care and guidance to patients and their families to achieve the highest quality outcomes.

The AHA and IMS merger will increase the combined organization’s focus on innovation, knowledge, and the compassion needed in today’s dynamic medical services landscape. This synergy creates clinical management solutions that result in improved patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, improved performance metrics and operational efficiencies.

“The merger with IMS offers us the opportunity to readily adapt to the evolving needs of the post-acute care market,” said Bryon Miller, JD, GNP, Co-owner of AHA.

Since 1988, AHA has provided onsite medical services to more than 100 post-acute care facilities, long-term care and assisted living communities in Indiana and Kentucky. Through a commitment to the geriatric patient, AHA has become a successful and thriving practice of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and administrative staff focusing on the post-acute care continuum.

“From our inception, we took on the challenge to deliver care in places that were medically underserved,” said AHA Founder Sandy Bammann, NP. “Since then, the acuity level and skill set required to be successful has gone up significantly”. In 2010 AHA began searching for a partner, one that shared the organization’s passion and drive to improve care from hospitalization to a variety of post-acute care settings.

“In 2014 we found IMS. It took four years of searching for the right partner. IMS is a perfect fit for our vision and patient needs,” Bammann said.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, IMS has established a reputation since 1996 for operational excellence through long-term partnerships with some of the top healthcare systems in Northeast Ohio. In 2014, IMS physicians comprehensively managed patient needs during 170,000 patient encounters. IMS provides the resources, experience, and skills necessary to add value across a broad continuum including hospitals and post-acute care facilities.

“Our goal is to continue building a continuum of care model that delivers the highest quality in the most efficient manner. AHA is a significant step toward that goal,” said Mark Foster, IMS President and CEO.

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