Extraordinary Practice by Dr. Linda Stropes

Dr. Linda Stropes, MD  Co-Founder, AHA

Dr. Linda Stropes, MD
Co-Founder, AHA

Dr. Linda Stropes is one of the original founders of Advanced Healthcare Associates. The following is an excerpt from a message she sent to our team in 2013. We believe it is a clear reflection of our patient care philosophy and the many ways in which we strive to be the best in our field.

Extraordinary Practice

We have an extraordinary practice.

We have many wonderful employees who work like they love their work.

We have employees who help each other for the good of our patients and for the good of each other.

We provide excellent service to our patients. Our staff take care of our patients like they are their own family members.

We provide excellent service to the staff in our nursing facilities. We all know they have hard jobs and we strive to make their jobs a little easier.

We all learn to work with different people even though we all have certain people we love to work beside. We realize that there will be vacations and we will have to fill in for others. Therefore, we learn to adjust to different people and we realize that not everyone practices the same way. There is more than one right way to do things.

We realize that if we fail to show up at work, we leave others in the practice without the help that makes their day easier. We each realize how valuable we are to the practice.

Our team approach contributes to the care and comfort of our patients and our organized professional approach makes families of our patients more comfortable.

We all count our blessings everyday! We stop to remember what an extraordinary practice we have.

Thank you to all for making Advanced Healthcare Associates what it is today.

-Dr. Linda Stropes, one of the proud founders of this extraordinary practice.

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