Bryon Miller, JD, GNP and Owner, AHA

Bryon Miller, JD, GNP

Sandy Bammann, NP, Co-Founder and Owner

Sandy Bammann, NP

Dr. Linda Stropes, MD  Co-Founder, AHA

Dr. Linda Stropes, MD

Advanced Healthcare Associates (AHA) has been specializing in the care of nursing home patients since its founding in 1988 by Dr. Linda Stropes and Sandy Bammann, NP. In 2007, Bryon Miller, JD, GNP joined Sandy and Dr. Stropes as partner and co-owner of AHA. Through its commitment to the geriatric patient, AHA has become a successful and thriving practice of physicians and nurse practitioners focusing exclusively across the post acute care continuum. We have grown from originally serving 12 facilities in Indiana to now providing care to over 85 locations in Indiana and Kentucky.

In December 2013, after many years of dedicated service to the practice, Dr. Stropes retired from AHA. We are grateful for the incredible amount of care, guidance and support she provided to Advanced Healthcare Associates.

AHA is proud of the success we have enjoyed in our specialized area and we look forward to continuing to serve our patients and their families for many years to come.  We would be honored to work more closely together with your facility.